Atticus Archer |Chief Canine Officer | Hamilton and Monroe NJ

Atticus Archer

​Atticus Archer

Chief Canine Officer

Atticus Archer, Chief Canine Officer

​“Keep looking up…that’s the secret of life.”    Snoopy

Atticus joined Archer Law Office in 2018.  He has a B.S. degree from Ruffgers University and a M.S.W. (Masters of Science in Walking) from The University of Barkley. 

Atticus is always ready to greet clients with a smile and a paw.  His main focus since joining the firm is to remind clients and staff that its good to sometimes just take a walk. 

Atticus’ Sage Advice:

Sit and stay but don’t roll over.  Your issues can be solved if you let us fetch the solutions you need.

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