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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Your Loved Ones

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Your Loved Ones​​Elders with one of the various diagnoses of dementia tend to exhibit strange behavior during the late afternoon and evening hours. Memory loss and confusion are mainstays of the disease but as day turns to night, patients tend to exhibit changes in personality, irritability, and behavioral […]

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When a Loved One Needs More Than Words

When a Loved One Needs More Than WordsIt is all too easy to interpret the confusion expressed by a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia as representative of all their faculties. It really is not the case. If the person simply started speaking a language you didn’t understand, you wouldn’t immediately assume something was wrong with […]

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Preventing the Elder Orphan Crisis | Archer Law Office LLC | Elder Law Attorney NJ

Preventing the Elder Orphan Crisis

​Preventing the Elder Orphan CrisisWhen you hear the term ‘orphan’, you immediately imagine a child without parents. However, I see all too often the isolation that is either the result of a smaller family as one ages, or the intentional isolation of someone who has a cognitive disorder and isolates themselves from their community. In […]

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communicating with someone with cognitive impairment | Archer Law Office, Elder Law NJ

Change Your Game: Communicating With The Cognitively Impaired

​Change Your Game: Communicating With The Cognitively ImpairedWe have all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Unfortunately, we may have also heard someone with cognitive impairment described as ‘crazy’. This could not be more inaccurate and offensive. In terms of communicating with […]

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Parent Can't Find Their Way Home | Archer Law Office, LLC Elder Law Attorneys NJ

Parent Can’t Find Their Way Home? You Need an Elder Law Attorney

Parent Can’t Find Their Way Home?I came across this article in the news yesterday. It’s scary stuff. A man in northern New Jersey went missing on Wednesday, wandering out of his home. He was found, thank goodness, save and alive (if hungry and dehydrated) on Sunday. How could this happen? People who have cognitive impairments like […]

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