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How to start the end of life conversation

Can Your Loved Ones Live Independently?

​How To Start The End Of Life Conversation​Recently we posted to the Facebook page asking our subscribers what their biggest concern was with their elderly family members living independently. The responses we got took two basic forms: one was from the perspective of a caregiver, and one was from the perspective of the senior or […]

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caregiver balance

Caregivers: You Need Balance

Caregivers: You Need Balance It’s been a couple of weeks without some fresh content. Sorry about that. There’ll be more where this comes from next week. I saw a commercial not that long ago that talked about a squeaking fan in a warehouse. The voiceover explained that a bearing needed to be repaired, because it was […]

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2 NJ Medicaid Paying for Home Care - Mercer Elder Law Monroe NJ

NJ Medicaid Paying for Home Care? Not So Fast

NJ Medicaid Paying for Home Care? Not So FastThis article was updated in January 2017. I talk a lot about Medicaid in New Jersey. I could probably continue to talk about it for the rest of my natural born life, such are the complications and red tape that are involved in administering the program. The State […]

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Parent Can't Find Their Way Home | Archer Law Office, LLC Elder Law Attorneys NJ

Parent Can’t Find Their Way Home? You Need an Elder Law Attorney

Parent Can’t Find Their Way Home?I came across this article in the news yesterday. It’s scary stuff. A man in northern New Jersey went missing on Wednesday, wandering out of his home. He was found, thank goodness, save and alive (if hungry and dehydrated) on Sunday. How could this happen? People who have cognitive impairments like […]

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