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Renee Ginocchio

Renee Ginocchio

Medicaid Specialist

Renee Ginocchio

“Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strength.”  


Renee joined Archer Law Office in November 2019 after a career with the Hamilton Board of Education.  She brings with her an eye for detail and the ability to turn disarray into orderliness.  

Renee says that her children are the biggest influences in her life.  They inspire her to always keep moving forward because looking back will only slow you down.  You only live once, so you had better make it count.  Renee uses that philosophy when dealing with families.  Mistake may have been made but that is no reason to let them stand in the way of getting the help your senior loved one needs.  She believes there is no such thing as failure.  A mistake is just a lesson learned for moving forward.

Renee’s Sage Advice: 

Do what the sunflowers do and keep your face pointed toward the light.

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